I was browsing /vp/ yesterday and saw people talking about “something spaceworld related coming tomorrow.” It was news to me, so I stopped by the usual haunts, asked what was up, and got the zip of assets, a few hours before the stream started.

Apparently RacieB, a legit person in the Telefang scene, had planned to stream the translated Space World ’97 demo, but the translation was clearly not getting finished fast enough (there’s a shocker). The streamers wanted something interesting to put on stream, and Helix Chamber had been planning to publish the assets, so someone in between made a Red/Blue hack that inserted the data—evolutions, backpics, overworld sprites, and a title screen—alongside fanmade frontpics, translated text, and made‐up text. Immediately after the stream, they would publish the zip and a series of articles about the content.

Is it real?

My opinion? Most likely real. I didn’t know the assets existed, but I know where they came from and was expecting something from that direction eventually. The technical details behind the assets match what I expected.

Care to share those technical details?

Not really, no.

Why not?

Unlike the SW97 incident, people are sensitive about the details getting out. I want to be clued in next time there’s an interesting leak, and I don’t feel like giving that up to sate the curiosity of Internet randos. Maybe if there were no other way for it to get out—but I actually expect the source for this one to come out in time with an acceptable level of provenance, even if it’s not going to be soon.

So why should we believe you?

Beats me. Unlike last time, I haven’t seen the source directly myself: I’m one layer removed. If you listen to me, you’ll be two layers removed. I do assert that I, being both technical and skeptical, am nevertheless reasonably satisfied it’s real, and as far as I know there’s nothing of note left to leak besides provenance.

Stream donations wargle bargle

Nothing to do with me.

Where’s the ROM, you collectionist pig?

Sorry. The assets are real, but there is no ROM to leak.