Sweet Honey

Text describing “sweet honey” appears in Gold and Silver. What’s most interesting about this is that “honey” is an item appearing in the later Pokémon games Diamond and Pearl. It’s possible that Sweet Honey was a concept that was canned (or reworked into Headbutt or Sweet Scent) and re‐implemented several years later.

My Pokémon is an expert at collecting Sweet Honey. I’ll share some with you.

I want to give you some Sweet Honey, but you have no room for it.

Here you go! Have some Sweet Honey!

Gold received Sweet Honey.

My little brother takes Sweet Honey and goes somewhere with it. I wonder what he’s up to?

Did you put Sweet Honey on a tree? What happened to it?

Did you put Sweet Honey on a tree? It takes about a day for Pokémon to be drawn to it.

Butterfree: Freeh!

Written 2008‒05‒13

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