Gold and Silver’s Safari Zone

Two maps for the Safari Zone exist in Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

gatehouse to the Safari Zone

The first map is a standard north/south gatehouse. Taking the lower exit returns you to Fuchsia City, on top of what would be the entrance to the Safari Building:

You wind up inside the wall, since there’s no door.

Taking the upper exit brings you to the actual Safari Zone.

The Safari Zone map

The Safari Zone plays the same background tune as it did in Red, Blue, and Yellow (the evolution and trading music). No wild Pokémon appear in the zone, although it’s possible to catch Pokémon in the water. This is because all maps, even those without water, have a default “fishing set.”

The Safari Zone can be accessed with the following Gameshark codes.


010143D0 010344D0 015045D0


0101B4DC 0103B5DC 0159B6DC

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