“Deleted” House in Olivine

Gold, Silver, and Crystal have several beta maps, but only a few can be considered complete. One of these is a “deleted” house located in Olivine City.

The house in Olivine

Two interactions can occur in this map. The first is a Rhydon. This Rhydon uses a glitched sprite that changes to a Clefairy during the walking animation.

Rhydon: Gugooh!

The other is a woman who says:

When my Pokémon got sick, the Pharmacist in Ecruteak made some medicine for me.

Notice how she claims the pharmacy is located in Ecruteak City. In the final version of the game, the pharmacy was found in Cianwood City.

This is one of three complete beta maps in Gold and Silver (the other two forming the Safari Zone). Rather than delete the map completely, the programmers moved the “warp tile” (a means of accessing a map, usually placed on top of an image displaying a door or hole) to the upper‐left corner of Olivine City.

This map can be accessed with the following Gameshark codes.


010143D0 010144D0 010445D0


0101B4DC 0101B5DC 0104B6DC

Written 2008‒05‒09

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