Hidden Memory

The Game Corner in Gold, Silver, and Crystal has two kinds of machines: a slot machine and a card flip table. However, hidden in the programming is a third game, which is either buggy or unfinished.

This “third game” can only be activated when you have coins. When the game starts, it covers the screen with cards.

Nine square cards. Besides the question mark, the items that appear on the cards appear to be Poké Doll, Full Restore, Star Piece, Rare Candy, Moomoo Milk, Smoke Ball, Super Ball (the Japanese version’s Great Ball), and Pocket Pikachu 2.

Using a glitched indicator, you can choose two of the cards to flip over. If they match, you get a Yeah! and the card is displayed at the top of the screen. If they don’t match, you get a Darn… and the cards are flipped back over. A counter in the upper‐right corner of the screen, untranslated from the Japanese version, starts at あと5かい—that is, “5 left”—and counts down for each pair of cards you flip. When it reaches 0, all the cards are flipped over, and the screen is refilled.

Text in the upper‐left‐hand corner reads とったもの (“taken”). As you collect cards, they are displayed in this area of the screen.

Written 2008‒05‒07

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